The Chapel at Vårdnäs

In the chapel, meditations, devotions and services are held throughout the year.

With extra chairs, the room can accommodate 80 people. If your group wants to have an event in the chapel, we will be happy to help with this. The room is ready to be used. Perhaps you would be here to summarize the day, book a meditation or process a question. Dare to meet outside the box.

Daily in the Chapel

Schedule Monday to Friday:

Meditation 9:30*

Prayer 12:00*

*during the period June-August, the times in the chapel are a little more irregular due to holidays. Contact our reception before your visit if you are interested in participating.

The chapel is also of course available for your very own moment, every day.

Why is there a priest at Vårdnäs?

To inspire people to think about life issues, small and large, but also for the place to offer a rhythm in prayer and meditation. Everyone can pray and meditate but sometimes it's nice to come here and let someone else lead. We call the position parish priest. If you, as a guest, wish to speak with a priest while you are here, please contact our reception. Welcome!