Rent kayaks at Vårdnäs

Vårdnäs is the perfect place to start your kayaking aventure from. We cooperate with the company Linköping Kajak, and it is possible to rent their kayaks at Vårdnäs. It is possible to rent both singel kayaks and double kayaks.

We have 12 singel kayaks for rent.

We have 2 double kayaks for rent.

Price 2022 Singel kayak:

1 day: SEK 400

2 days: SEK 750

3 days: SEK 950

Price 2022 Double kayak:

1 day: SEK 600

2 days: SEK 1100

3 days: SEK 1500

What is included in the price:

Rental of the kayak and kayak vests.

Map of the lake Stora Rängen and Lilla Rängen

How do I make a reservation?

Use our online booking or contact the reception at Vårdnäs.

Read our rental conditions and cancelation conditions here