Packages with canoes and kayaks

Renting a canoe in Östergötland's own archipelago environment is the best way to make the holiday a nature experience. The canoe trip can be a relaxing moment for yourself, or an excursion for the whole family. Here at Vårdnäs, the Kinda channel connects lakes Stora and Lilla Rängen with Järnlunden and Åsunden in a landscape perfect for quiet adventures on the water. Paddle through beautiful nature reserves with deep, untouched primeval forest. Go ashore on an exciting little island and perhaps take a swim, or enjoy your coffee break in a quiet clearing somewhere in Gustav Vasa's oak landscape.

Our packages include:

  • overnight stay in a double room
  • breakfast
  • packed lunches
  • canoe or kayak rental
  • 2-course dinner

Price canoe package 2022:

1 DAY: from SEK 1,295/person*)

2 DAYS: from SEK 2,475/person*)

Price kayak package 2022:

1 DAY: from SEK 1,470/person**)

2 DAYS: from SEK 2,850/person**)

*) part in double room, a two-person canoe

**) part in double room, single kayak

How do I make a reservation?

Contact our reception to find out about availability - click the booking request button:

Possible combinations

You can also combine the package with, for example, hiking for a day - and maybe add an overnight stay in our specially equipped wind shelter, where we offer "Camping Deluxe"!