Hamra locks to Vårdnäs 18 km

(via Stafsäter)

Length: approx. 18 km

Highlights on the route:

  • The locks at Hamra and Hovetorp - almost as powerful as Berg's locks on the Göta canal
  • Enjoy ice cream at Stafsäter Gårdsglass (when open)
  • Hiking in beautiful oak groves in Stafsäter's surroundings
  • Beautiful at Kvilla bridge

Map of the route

This route consists of two shorter stages, so for this hike there are two maps showing the entire hike.

Hiking map as pdf to the first part of the hike, which is between Hamra locks and Stafsäter - 8 km.

Hiking map as pdf for the second part of the hike between Stafsäter and Vårdnäs 10 km.

How long does it take to hike the route?

As the route is approximately 18 km long, you should expect the hike to take at least 5-6 hours

For who?

The hike is partly on dirt roads, paths and in some parts on paved roads. The stretch is relatively flat and easy to hike.

How does the hike work?

The hike starts at the locks in Hamra. Walk on the gravel road west past the farms Skog, Sjösätter. At Stafsäter there is a swimming area, beautiful oak paddocks (cows in paddocks around Stafsäter April-September) and nature reserve. Stop at Stafsäter Gårdsglass for a cooling ice cream. The hike continues south on the western side of the Stora Rängen lake. Finally you arrive at Vårdnäs Stiftsgård.

Water supply:

There is limited opportunity to refill drinking water along the stage, so make sure you have well-filled water bottles from the start.

How do I find my way on the route?

The stretch between Hamra lock and Vårdnäs is part of the regional landscape trail Östgötaleden. The trail is marked with orange markings. In most places the trail is easy to follow (trail markings will be improved during winter 22/23).This part of the Östgötaleden is marked on a digital map, so the trail is easy to follow on your own smartphone with your own position visible.

Links to more information about the hike:

Digital map at

Get to the starting point:

Read more here how to get to the starting point by bus.

Read more here how to get to the starting point by car and where to park.

Other things to consider:

Some parts of the trail go through pastures. During the period from April to September, there may be grazing cows or sheep in the pastures. Do not keep loose dogs in paddocks with grazing animals. Ideally, avoid taking the dog with you into a paddock with cows in it.