Routs for hiking at trail Östgötaleden when staying at Vårdnäs

hike the whole Rängen Runt-trail or parts of it

Östgötaleden is Östergötland's regional hiking trail and stretches across Östergötland for more than 1500 kilometers. In the vicinity of Vårdnäs Stiftsgård there is a part of the Östgötaleden called Rängen Runt - that is, hiking around the lake Stora Rängen. A distance of about 45 kilometers. Sometimes right on the beach and sometimes further away. The trail is signposted with orange markings. Sometimes denser and more clearly marked and sometimes with longer distances between the markings, but still marked.

Click on the map below to see a map showing the entire Östgötaleden/Rängen Runt loop.

Routes on the hiking trail

Östgötaleden/Rängen RuntDepending on the level of ambition, the loop can be done in one, two or three days. Or you walk one stage and not all the way around - it's also a fantastic natural and cultural experience! And Vårdnäs Stiftsgård offers good and comfortable accommodation for those who want to be out in nature during the day and sleep in a comfortable bed at night.

Suggested day routs for hiking:

When you live in Vårdnäs and want to hike for a day, you can choose to hike one/some of the following stages on the Östgötaleden/Rängen Runt: