Hiking package 2 days and 1 night

at Vårdnäs

This is a hiking package with one to two days hike and an overnight stay. You hike on your own (without a guide) on the Östgötaleden just south of Linköping. You choose how far you want to hike and at what pace. There are possible hiking routs of 9 km, 19 km, 25 km and even up to 45 km (the entire Rängen Runt).

On the hike you experience oak forests, winding country roads, you pass horse and cow paddocks, a village here and there and also castles and manors... This part of the Östgötaleden is very beautiful and interesting, but still far from crowded with hikers!

After the hike, you enjoy a good dinner and a comfortable bed at Vårdnäs Stiftsgård.

PRICE: from SEK 1,125/per person sharing in a double room

What is included in the price?

  • 1 packed lunch + drink & coffee/tea
  • 1 pc 2-course dinner with non-alcoholic drink
  • 1 breakfast on day 2
  • 1 overnight stay in a shared room in a double room

What is not included in the price?

Possible cost of bus ticket to get to the starting point

To book hiking packages

You book the night/nights you want to spend the night at Vårdnäs. Through information here on the website, you can find out which stage/stages you want to hike and how to get to the starting point for the hike. If you have difficulty choosing, please feel free to contact us at Vårdnäs, and we will make suggestions for the appropriate stage/stages based on your wishes.

ATTENTION! The hiking package can be booked for an overnight stay from Tuesday to Sunday. (Not bookable with overnight stay Sun-Mon and Mon to Tue during the summer - until week 31).

How does a hiking experience work, with hiking for a day and an overnight stay?

Day 1

You arrive at Vårdnäs in the morning on day 1. The earlier the better. You check in at the reception and leave the luggage you want to keep during the hike. At the reception you have the opportunity to ask any questions before your hike. At the reception, you will also receive your lunch package and coffee package with accompanying drink. Take the car to the starting point or walk to the bus stop (approx. 20 minutes walk) and take the bus to the starting point for the hike. Click here to read more about taking the bus to the starting point. Often there are two morning tours and one afternoon tour.

If you have your own car (two cars are needed), you drive to the starting point. It takes between 10 and 20 minutes to drive to the starting points. When you have finished walking, you go and collect the car at the starting point with the help of the other car.

You hike the chosen route and eat the food sent with you and perhaps your own goodies packed in the pack.

You come back to Vårdnäs Stiftsgård on foot and go to the reception and take your luggage and get access to the room to relax or why not settle down in the lounge with a cooling or warming drink?

When evening comes, it is finally time for dinner. Should taste extra good after lovely hours in nature.

After some food in the stomach, the private room and the comfortable bed beckon. Good night!

Day 2

Wake up to a new day! Breakfast and perhaps a short walk at the facility before check-out and journey home.