FAQ - frequently asked questions for hiking at the Östgötaleden trail with Vårdnäs as a starting point

Is it possible to hike at Vårdnäs?

Yes, Vårdnäs is a good "base" for hiking and other activities in nature. The nature is quite "kind" and the terrain is mostly quite flat, with only occasional hills up and down.

Are there circular loops?

Yes, there is a circular loop that is 45 kilometers long. However, it can be divided into different stages using your own car or public transport. Click here to read more about the stages.

Can I hike with children?

As the routes are of different lengths, the length of the walk can be adjusted based on the children's ability. Some short sections of the Rängen Runt trail are on busy roads, but these are only short sections of a few minutes' walk.

Is there a digital map to follow?

Yes. As Rängen Runt is part of the Östgötaleden regional trail, the trail is included digitally. If you have your position switched on on your mobile, you can see where you are on the trail when you have the website with the map open on your mobile.

Are there paper maps available for purchase?

At Vårdnäs and in the bookstore, you can buy maps that are good to take with you on your hike. Our suggestion is, for example, "Terrängkartan 570 Linköping" from Lantmäteriet's green series.

Is it possible to be picked up and dropped off at different places along the trail?

To get to different places along the trail, we refer to your own car, local traffic (Östgötatrafiken) or taxi. We at Vårdnäs unfortunately do not offer transport to and from the trail.

How do I go by bus to the starting point along the trail?

We at Vårdnäs Stiftsgård protect the environment and are happy to see, where possible, that our hikers take the local bus to the starting point of the trail. Click here to read more about taking the bus to the starting point of the hike.

Is there water along the trail?

Only in a few places is it possible to fill up with water along the trail, and this also depends on the season. We recommend that you fill water bottles for your needs before leaving Vårdnäs.

Is it possible to buy food packages to take with you?

Yes it does. Such food packages are included in our hiking packages.

Is there equipment to borrow for the hike?

The equipment that is available to borrow at Vårdnäs is seating mats and hiking poles. The food package also includes a thermos.

Is it possible to hike with a guide?

The hiking packages Vårdnäs offers are without a guide, but contact the reception if you need a guide/guide and we will direct you to the appropriate guide.

Are there wind shelters along the trail?

In some places there are wind shelters along the trail. These are marked on the Östgötaleden map.

Are there rest areas along the trail?

Yes, in some places there are rest areas with tables and sometimes barbecue facilities and wind protection.

Is it possible to swim along the trail?

Yes, in some places there are bathing facilities. See Östgötaleden's map for information on bathing spots.

Best time for hiking in the area?

There is no best time to do the hike. The expression "clothing according to the weather" applies here. The walk is carried out at any time of the year, it is up to you when you want to do it. Of course, it is especially beautiful in nature in May and June, but a hike in October can be just as magical. Or why not a winter day in January with snow on both the ground and trees (note, however, that the trail is not plowed).